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    Default Christmas Island planning

    Would I be crazy to go to Christmas Island with my biggest rod a #10? Or is it a "you would be doing yourself a massive disservice to not try for a big GT when you're there" type of situation? I really want to get the whole sight casting to bonefishing thing thoroughly wired when I go there. Don't know that I can do that if I'm walking around with a #12 (that I don't currently own) so I can be ready for a GT. I think it would drive me nuts to pass up so many bonefish in order to be ready for a GT that might never show up. But on the other hand...they are pretty awesome...

    I'd appreciate any thoughts from people that have been there.

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    Default Re: Christmas Island planning

    Most guys carry an 8 or 9 and the guide carries the 12....You probable won't see a GT unless you chum them up...those fish have been beat on a lot-my 2 cents

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    I just got back two days ago. Three GTs were caught at the lodge the week before I went. I caught three the first day, three the second day, and an even dozen for the trip. Four were 2lb or less and were caught on an 8wt as byproducts of chasing triggers or bones. Four were between five and ten pounds and were caught sight casting. Four were over twenty pounds. The largest measured forty inches to the fork. All four of these large ones were caught sight casting. The remainder that weeks group caught a few small (1-2 pound) GTs as byproducts to bonefishing and a few sub-10 pound fish as well. My point about the comparison of my success to the whole remainder of the group is not to illustrate my prowess. I am a good fisherman sure, but so were others in the group. The reason I caught GTs sight-fishing on a fly rod and they didn’t is because I was fishing for GTs. I walked past bonefish in the 5-7 pound range because I didn’t want to be hooked up to a bonefish when the GT came in. In fact, I was disappointed one time when I was fighting about an 8 pound GT and the sea monsters (50 pound plus) swam by. I caught exactly twelve bonefish. These were byproducts of trigger fishing. I did spend some time doing that when the tide was slack and caught three large peachface (2 8 pounders and an astonishing 10) and a small picasso. I spent very little time with anything other than the twelve in my hands. I fished at spots where GTs were likely to come to based on tides. I was looking for GTs. If you are going to bonefish, a GT may cruise in. You may have time to switch rods. You may have time to get a shot. Likely you won’t. You won’t be in the right spot. You won’t be on the hunt for trevally. You won’t have the rod in your hand. I believe that if you are going to bonefish, it is very unlikely you will get a shot at a big GT with the 12 that the guide is carrying. So, yeah, you might be focused on bonefishing and a sea monster shows up and hangs around in range hunting food long enough for you to have gotten a shot with the twelve weight you don’t have. You’ll be pissed. But the odds are against it.

    As for the chumming comment, I’ve been there twice and saw no chumming. I’m sure it happens, but it certainly didn’t ruin the fish. I did see, and catch on a sight-cast fly, plenty of GTs. Apparently cb3fish has had a different experience.

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    Default Re: Christmas Island planning

    Anyone got any recommendations on who sells a decent fly collection for Christmas Island? I'd like to get one just to pattern how I tie my flies for the trip. ...or if anyone has previously bought a CXI fly selection and would like to sell it??

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    Default Re: Christmas Island planning

    Quote Originally Posted by cb3fish View Post
    ....You probable won't see a GT unless you chum them up...those fish have been beat on a lot-my 2 cents
    Been there twice...never chumed, saw many GT's, and caught about 2 per day on average. Just isn't true that chumming is required.

    To the Op "you would be doing yourself a massive disservice to not try for a big GT when you're there"... this is very true. IMO, the GT is the ultimate flats predator and Christmas is a great place to experience them.
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