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    Default Hawaii Peacocks and Largemouth

    The water temperature finally hit that magic 80 degrees and the peacock bass are going crazy. Our peacock bass average about 2 pounds with a 3 to 5 pounder not that uncommon.

    Shane landed some nice fish... like this 2 1/2 lb. largemouth.

    This was the largest we were able to get into the boat for pictures. A 3 pound peacock bass. Several larger ones came unbuttoned right at the boat. Several more just jumped and tossed the fly. Wild surface action whether you land the fish or not... LOL

    I was switching between a popping bug and streamer flys.

    We're seeing lots of larger peacock bass along the shore. Looks like spawning time is almost here.

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    Default Re: Hawaii Peacocks and Largemouth

    Stan: Nice looking fish, congrats!


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    I grew up over in Kona and "back then" (damn that makes me sound 'old' typing that!) and while I was out chasing Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Ono and the occasional sail we would hear stories about the bass fishing. Apparently it has grown into much more then something that was just whispered about in back rooms and whose locations were extracted from anglers in the know with booze, bribes and other truth serums... way to go and ..oh nice photo's. Now come on back here try some of this fine sipping whiskey!

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    Default Re: Hawaii Peacocks and Largemouth

    Dang those Peacock's look like a blast! GOOD JOB!

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