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    It's that time of year to pony up $115 to get an annual non res fishing license. Why does such a beautiful state have to pull that kind of garbage?
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    Yep, just thinking the same thing, they ought to get together with neighboring states and do a if you have a nevada license you can get a non-res CA for half price deal and vice versa.


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    It's total bs! A resident can pay what 30 bucks to fish but a guy that lives 15 minutes over the border has to shell out a hondo for it just to fish the same waters. BOGUS!! I know I'm ranting but I really do have a beef with the way Cali is ran.
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    Well, even Nevada is $39 for a resident (with trout stamp) and 79 for a non-res, not as bad as a hondo and change, but still I think you ought to be able to buy a CA license for resident costs or costs +10% or something more reasonable if you are in a neighboring state. Same for Nevada, CA residents ought to be able to buy ours for cost +10%. I wouild even be ok with 2x costs, but you know I am going to buy one, so the only positive I can find is it does help maintain the fisheries - at least I hope it does.


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