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Thread: Lytle Creek

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    Default Lytle Creek

    pretty good fishing yesterday caught a lot and saw a nice bow at least 2 pounder but he spooked out and didnt see him or catch him the rest of the day. but only took pictures of the decent ones. here ya go.

    got this one right as he jumped out of my hand

    good lookin bow

    and had to get one of the little guys

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    Nice going there. Looks like you found a fairly productive spot. I only go there as a last resort, too much broken glass for my tastes and waders. Hey I have cheap waders and they can get leaks just from the word broken glass .. Seriously though you did pretty good from the pics of the fish. What weight fly rod?? Looks like you had some fun


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    i only have a 5 and 7 weight. and i was using my 5 weight but my brother would let me use his 4 weight every now and then. but the 4 weight is the way to go up there haha

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    Went here a month ago. Great fishing though that area is pretty ghetto. I hooked into a big one but I wasn't expecting anything other than dinks, so I wasn't taking care of my leader, and it ran off wimpering with a fly in its mouth.

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