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Thread: Yosemite early June?

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    I agree with the recommendation on Hetch Hetchy especially for a backpacking trip. I have been told by a guy that did the hike that it is a full day in and out but if you get there it is well worth it. If you do a backpack trip in the park make sure you have a bear box with for food.
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    I fished in Yosemite last July 4th, and again in early September.

    In June, the Merced River will be high and fast. The snow pack is higher this year, so even more so than last year. Of course, the fishing is poorest in the valley where the Merced is most accessible, due to the crowds. I was able to find some fish in calmer pools along the edges, but be careful. Even flat water can have deceptively strong currents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesswank View Post
    I am looking at a backpacking trip the first 2 weeks in June. What advice can you give me about don't miss rivers and streams in Yosemite. Is there a problem with runoff this time of year or is typically done with by then? Any and all advice appreciated!



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    Wes, did you ever go? Care to share?

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    the mammoth lakes store is awesome. i forget the name. plus you can fish tuolome meadows in west yos.

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    What part of the park will you be backpacking in? I have never fished it but I understand the Merced River above Nevada Falls is good, just make sure you are a good distance abobe the falls. The Tuolumne River and the two creeks that form it have a good population of native brook trout. The Illilouette River out of Glacier Point is also a good bet. I have never caught a fish in the Merced river in the Valley but I have been successful in Tenya Creek above its confluence with the Merced.

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    KH...this thread is a couple of years old...good advice from you, though.

    I guarantee there were some backpackers wishing they had an extra blanket last week out there. It was chilly up high a couple of nights on the heels of this last snowstorm.


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    nice thread, good advice

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