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    Default Re: Truckee river opener!

    I didn't check the weather for the Truckee/Stateline area, but the Sierra Foothill 10 day forecast looks great. If that matches that region, Lake Davis, here I come.

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    Default Re: Truckee river opener!

    Hit Lake Davis yesterday, good action 2 feet off the bottom along the ridges and good surface action damsels are hatching and the little yellow caddis too. Pulled in a few 18-20 inchers. wind is blowing toward the east side of the lake and the fish move to deeper water as the day warms but good action wading early and and tubing the drop offs as it warms up.


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    Great report, thanks! I am heading up to Lake Davis early early early tomorrow morning for 3 days of fly fishing and camping.

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    Default re: Truckee river (CA not NV)

    I have a 5 day coming in mid june a couple of those days we will have the cubscouts from cold springs up for the annual family camp, but I am going up early to get in a few days of fishing. Hope you have a good time, I would have been up there today also but the wind is picking up and I gotta do some stuff around the house.


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    Yeah, I have been watching the weather forecasts and they have a lake wind warning up through today, gusts to 30mph. On the other hand, it's supposed to calm down tomorrow and the rest of the week, so I am hoping for the best.

    At least if it is blowing from the west I can maybe do some dapping ;-)

    I'm also going on a club trip up there June 11-13th.

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    Default re: Truckee river (CA not NV)

    Im gonna try to get up there Sunday morning with a bud and take the float tubes out. Wind is supposed to die down Sat afternoon. We will see.


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    I was up there Tuesday and Wednesday. The wind on Tuesday was annoying, and I got skunked.

    The wind on Wednesday started out like Tuesday, annoying. I caught one nice fish wind drifting an olive Fox's Poopah just south of Eagle Point. The wind kept building and I kept fishing my way north, finally caught a sickly, lice-covered thing that I think was a trout, but it had chrome silver sides with no pink or red and a BLUE back rather than olive green. Never seen a fish like that. While I had him on, the wind blew me way out to the middle of the lake (it was gusting to 30-35MPH).

    I called it quits and spent about an hour rowing hard before I gave up and beached it, and dragged the boat along the shore on foot. Rowing with all the energy I could put into it, I was still going backwards relative to the shore. It was nasty wind.

    I talked to a lot of fishermen, some of whom had been fishing there for years, and they all reported no more than 3 fish for the day, and several reported catching ones with lice on them.

    After that, I didn't even stay the night although I had paid for my campsite already, I broke camp, packed up the Outlaw Rampage and headed for home.

    I'm gonna try one more time at Lake Davis next weekend on a club outing, but my hopes are not high.

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    Default re: Truckee river (CA not NV)

    Wow sorry to hear about that, we have had multi-fish days at Davis numerous times both wading from shore and from the boat (north east side of the lake - PM me for specifics if you want). I hear the blood midges are starting to hatch as well as the damsels. Hope you have better luck next weekend, I am gonna sneak up early tomorrow morning with the boat and see if I can get a few hours in. The wind does tend to pick up between 11 am and 1 pm usually so early is most of the time the best time to get out. We have had a very windy year this year, hopefully it will calm down a bit as the warmer weather starts to take hold. Looks like it is gonna be 3 or 4 weeks before the river really calms down and gets back to a decent flow.

    Here is an email I recieved form CA Fish and Game on the lice:

    We are aware of the situation at Lake Davis. We examined a number of trout from Lake Davis to confirm the identity the organisms being seen. We found light to heavy numbers of copepods on the fish. The majority of the fish lice we observed were of the genus Salmincola. There may be a few of the genus Lernaea as well.

    Common names for these copepods are “anchor worm, fish maggot” etc. The organisms found on these particular fish are commonly found in waters throughout the western United States. This organism usually does not affect fish health, though its appearance on fish can be
    unattractive. The presence of this organism on fish does not render
    the fish unfit for human consumption. It is not an internal parasite, but rather infects the gills, fins and flanks of susceptible species of fish. There are no practical treatment options available for lakes and reservoirs.

    The increased numbers of these organisms being seen this year is most likely due the warming of the water and the high number of fish planted into Lake Davis. The organisms were already in Lake Davis. When Fish and Game planted the large number of trout into the lake we provided a large number of hosts for the parasite to live on and multiply from.
    The copepod numbers will decline with cooling water temperatures and decreasing fish numbers.


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    Default re: Truckee river (CA not NV)

    Truckee is blown out, up to Bear creek. Nice from there up.
    March browns, Ants, a stimmy is worth a try too.
    I'd say it's time for tailwaters, but "they" dropped the flow to -50 cfs on the LT.
    Tremendous pressure there, all day/week. Very spooky fish require a fish Ninja approach,
    and 6-7x. Baetis and BWO emergers work. I think it's time to fish still waters for a while. Lake inlets are doing well.
    Just a thought.

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Quote Originally Posted by webrx View Post
    Wow sorry to hear about that, we have had multi-fish days at Davis numerous times
    Well, I had a multi-fish day Wednesday, it's just that multi == 2 in my case. ;-)

    Hope you have better luck next weekend
    Thanks, me too. I am going to try at Davis on Friday, maybe Saturday too, but if it sucks I'm going to go over to Frenchman's, which is supposedly fishing really well right now.

    I wouldn't mind Davis so much if it wasn't for that incessant wind.

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