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    Default Santa Anna Rivers??

    Ive seen some videos on youtube about people catching trout in the santa anna river??? im from norco california and our santa anna river has bluegil, carp and bass. not a single trout, water is too warm. does anyone know how much farther i would have to go to catch some trout in the santa anna river?

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    PM sent hope this helps if not PM me back


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    So it's obviously been a while since this post but I am new to the area living in Corona and looking for a place to fish. I drive the 15 often and I'm wondering if the Santa Anna is okay to fish in. Does anyone know? I moved from somewhere where stream fishing was VERY accessible and I miss it! Help! Interested to know what both of you may know about fishing the Santa Anna or anything close.

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    groundbroken, welcome to the forum! I started here within the last year, and gained lots of insight on local streams just looking through the archives. When you do your research, look for "Santa Ana", not "Santa Anna".
    People may seem reluctant to name out their specific fishing spots, because they can get so quickly overrrun with our population of millions right next door.
    Private messaging may be the best way to establish local relationships and get more specific advice. Also, check with your local fly shops - - I think Bob Mariott's in Anaheim might be closest to you.

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    I was just up there camping in the "oaks" area. The water was cold and running but it was low. Give it a few weeks or so and try it again. If you are looking for someone to go with, PM me.


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