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    Default Anyone wanna do some fishin?

    Ill be at lytle creek today ill probally be leaving in 30 mins or so. look for someone with a green vest and a green flanel. dont be shy and say hi haha.
    if you wanna meet up send me an email with your number and ill give you a call.
    happy fishing.

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    may not go after all. my ride blew me off... looks like im sittin home till 2pm when my brother gets off work. ill get my line wet sometime today!

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    Sitting at home now on disability.. Wish I could go fishing, maybe in two or three months I can join ya. What city do you live in?


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    Today! was a best day of fishing at lytle creek me and my brother have ever experienced.we did a little exploring on the middle fork and KILLED IT!! My brother and I caught 2 really nice bow's and and missed 2 nice fish! I don't know if lytle creek has browns but im pretty sure my brother was hooked up with at least a 12inch brown. As for me, my trout(didnt really get a good of what he was) pretty sure it was a bow. I was standing on a rock in the middle of the creek facing down stream and just letting my fly float on down, right as my line fully stretched out he pounded it! I set the hook he ran down stream for about 5 yards then he came back at full speed. Couldn't get the line in fast enough and 1 jump right infront of me and he was gone.. its a sad thing isnt it. but heres the pics of some of the fish we cought, my brothers the one with the black hat.

    by the way i live in norco california

    the first 5 are of my brothers big trout(5th picture is when we released it, it stayed swimming right by the shore so i put my glasses infront of my camera and got a shot of him, pretty cool), the next 2 are of mine, then the last one is mine as well.

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    Great fish, might want to try out that water again. Looks like you and your brother had a great time up there.


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