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    My husband and I recently moved to SoCali (Ventura County) from eastern PA (last July) and would really like some help trying to find streams to fish in within 1-2 hours of where we live.

    Back in PA we lived about 10 minutes from Valley Creek where I would fish 2-3x every week (after work) until mid-June, so I'm going nuts not being able to get my fishing fix! Hubby doesn't fish, so I'm also looking for a new fishing partner too. It's too bad I couldn't pack my fishing buddy Steve in my suitcase!

    Any help/tips would be great. I know it gets pretty dry in this area, so my time is running out down here.

    Also, we just got back from Yosemite and the Merced looks like an amazing river to fish along with Big Creek. Anyone recommend a good time to go? The river is RAGING now, and there was 10" snowfall this past weekend too, so I'm thinking JULY.


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    You likely correct about thinking July as nearly every bit of running water I'm aware of is blown out. Sometimes though you can fish the edges when rivers are high with good success as the fish will stack up in areas near the bank with slow moving water and in back eddies to get out the heavy current caused by the high flows. I did that with two beautiful wild Rainbows last weekend on the Lower Yuba River in Northern CA. when it was running at least 5000 cfs. for both of those fish I simply found some steep drop offs near shore and indicator nymphed from shore using lots of weight to get them down quickly. It was tough fishing I started at about 8:30 a.m. and didn't catch my first fish till nearly 3:30 p.m. after taking an hour brake for lunch as I was on a Fly Fishing club outing. Most of us caught about 2 fish each though one member found spot where there were several nice fish and he caught 8. So if your are really iching to wet a line and don't mind working high water may not be reason to stay away, just plan of staying fishing close to shore and avoid wading if possible and stay in slow water near shore if you to wade.
    -Tom Wilson
    Attention New Fly Fishers and those just wanting to improve- Join a Fly Fishing Club. They have classes on every aspect of fly fishing for beginners to advanced for free or cheaper than offered elsewhere. Some offer mentor programs. You will make friends with other fly fishers. Clubs often have outings in which members pay special group rates for guides or to fish prime private access areas.

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    Default Re: Just moved to Cali

    There was a creek that I used to pass on the back road into Ojai from Santa Paula. I don't know the name; how fishable; or public access. It sure was a pretty area though.
    North of Santa Barbara there are some creeks, and the Santa Yenez River. Same deal knowing nothing about fishing them.

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    Default Re: Just moved to Cali

    Hi azureseas,

    There is a bunch of fly fishing in the Sierras.

    1. South of you there is the Kern River drainage behind Bakersfield. This use to be a great fishery.

    2. A little closer is the Tule river behind Porterville.

    3. Behind Visalia is Sequoia National Park and I think you can find some fishing here. I have never fish Sequoia but I think Jimmie lives in this area some where.

    4. Behind Fresno is the Kings River and Kings Canyon National Park. Some good fishing here. A little bit further North is the Kaiser Wilderness and the John Muir Wilderness.

    Get your self a Guide book for Central California or Topo maps. A lot of very good fishing in this whole area requires hiking. If you can't hike you eliminate a lot of fishing in the Sierras. You local office of the California Fish and Game can be a big help.


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    Frank is right. Sequoia is not far from here. If you need info on the western Sierra's shoot me a PM. The area is outside your 1-2 hour drive limit, but all of the spots Frank mentioned are good. Here are some other contacts: Kern River, Kernville Fly Shop, Guy Jeans guide; Rivers north of there, Tule, Kaweah, Kings, San Joaquin, Merced, Jimmy Morales guide (he has a fly shop just outside the Yosemite entrance in Oakhurst, Ca.). Our fly fishing club has members from LAX even though quite a drive. You can check out the newsletters at Kaweah Fly Fishers for outings. Most from the south LAX; Ventura head up the eastern side of the Sierras to the Owens River, or East Walker River. It's 5-6 hours for you.
    Welcome to the Forum. Best to you in your search for some waters. Please keep us posted what you find.

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