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adamrice23 06-08-2011 02:45 PM

First post a little eastern Sierra report
Just found this site a little while ago so I thought I'd contribute a bit here.. First of all I live out in the antelope valley and fish the San bernadino
Mountains a bit and head up to the sierras as much as possible as I work a LOT... Anyway, here is the little report of my trip this past monday;

So I got a new ride a few weeks ago and decided I needed to take it on a voyage to the sierra

Despite the weather I decide to head out and try some new spots in the sierras since the furthest I've fished is BCC.

My goal was to catch some wild trout on the fly so I was upset when right away I start catching these..

Pretty much wide open on stocked fish at a creek I found

Got bored of that pretty quick and decided to head up the mountain and see if I could get into the back country despite the snow.

Come to find out the road was closed way before the trailhead even :(

I was here for wild trout though so I didn't let that stop me... I started the hike which sucked in the snow and seemed to have taken forever.

Some pics during the hike

The lake with a lot of Ice still

About an hour hike and I get to some fishy looking spots

Start tossing the fly out there and it was wide open on small wilds and a new species for me in the sierra's.. Brookies!

I've caught brook trout before but the colors on these were amazing

Pretty much non stop for an hour and half working up the creek. Didn't see anyone up there the entire time, I know most people are all about the size of the fish but I've caught big trout, big bass and for me nothing beats a day like this, alone on the water with these beautiful fish.

On the way back stopped at a spot and added a couple other species for the trip

Even Bass are no match for my flies!

Maybe one of my favorite Sierra trips so far...
Can't wait to explore more of the back country this summer!

troutdoorsman 06-09-2011 02:54 PM

Re: First post a little eastern Sierra report
Great pics and nice report!

mcnerney 06-09-2011 03:42 PM

Re: First post a little eastern Sierra report
Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing the great trip report and photos!


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