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  1. Default Got skunked at Piru Creek

    I took my fiance out today for her first day of fishing with a fly. We got totally skunked. It was warm and we just waded wet and the water didn't feel all that cold. I got one strike on a #14 stimulator that I didn't set quick enough or the fish didn't take in enough. That was it.

    I'm calling it a walk with my girl rather than a fishing trip. At that it was a success.

    Any tips for fishing Piru Creek? The water felt so warm to me that I'm surprised to hear there are trout there.
    God does not subtract from man's allotted time those hours spent fishing.

    -from a sign in my Great-grandfather's general store

  2. Default Re: Got skunked at Piru Creek

    deep with weighted bead head nymphs two or three a small split shot and a micro thingamabober.


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