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    okay well im just getting into fly fishing and ive been catching little bluegills and i wanted to try my hand at trout fishing on the fly but dont want to have to go 3 hours away i want to know if there are any places within an hour or two of the long beach area good for trout or any species for that matter if you could point me in a good direction to some bass trout anything as long as its kind of close i would appreciate it a lot thanks you

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    Nothing close to the LB. You may want to try your hand on the salt.
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    Contact the guys at Fishermen's Spot out of Van Nuys. They should have some recommendations.


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    Hmm within an hour for trout sorry but you are left with the local pay lakes or the local stocked community lakes. Pretty sure that DFG will stock the local lakes too. If you want to flyfish for other fish besides trout, try that really big lake just on the other side of Ocean Blvd. Yes ocean fish can and will be taken on the fly and will put out a better fight. What type of setup are you using? I wouldn go to the salt with anything less than a decent 5wt. Then again I havent ventured out into the salt water with a fly rod... Still want to do that soon.


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    If you are into stillwater, Laguna Nigel Lake has the annual Float Tube Madness next Tuesday, 11/15. Check out their website.

    Laguna Niguel Lake

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