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    Quote Originally Posted by fisher46 View Post
    You Guys are so lucky. I've been trying to move up there forever. It's that pesky employment thing. It always gets in the way of my fishing. those 5 hour drives could be time I'm spending holding my switch rod and not the steering wheel. Anybody need a house built or an employee?. I'm a motived General contractor/carpenter/residential electrician/building maintenance guy. "I'm serious. I love it up there. I'm ready and able to relocate. It is definitely Gods country up there. I have a resume ready to go If need be. Email me at RBCONTRACTING@GMAIL.COM

    Ah, yeah that issue. I've been learning to love being as broke as broke gets.

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

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    Thanks for the tip. Going on Monster right now. Since this Wonderful! recession has taken away any possibility of retirement, I might as well go fishing. My new life's goal is to work to fish. Seriously though, I'm an honest guy and a great carpenter/multi-tradesman. Wage is negotiable. I'm also a Freemason, if that helps qualify my character to anyone. Sorry guys. I just a bit desperate. However, I am optimistic.

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    Hello, I am new to the Redding area. I am looking for some fishing partners and some local knowledge of good access. Since the season has closed on most rivers I am interested this winter in fishing the Upper or Lower Sac, Pit River ( I heard the flows have gone up, not sure if the fishing is good since then.)

    I have lived in Wyoming for the past 3 years and worked in the fly industry, I have experience on the oars, not a pro but decent.

    I can fish just about any day of the week with a few days notice since I work from home. I prefer to fish weekdays. I have no problem driving a few hours to go check some new water out, lets make it a camping multiday trip!! I should have my pontoon boat here soon, so if anyone likes toons and wants to go play.

    Hope to meet some good folks here and do some fishing. Message me on this site, and lets exchange phone numbers for future trips.

    Thanks Mark

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    Rellekfisher, just now noticed your post. First welcome to the forum.

    You may want to try posting in the member introductions, that will get your post viewed more, and then there may be more luck on finding a buddy to fish with if you do a couple more posts of what you have been doing. Don't give up, because a post in a spot like this can be driven off the newest posts list in a matter of minutes and till someone comes along like I did and notices it, just sets there gathering cyber cobwebs, so to speak.

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