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  1. Default Local LA streams seminar

    Is anyone on this site planning to attend this saturday's seminar at bob marriott fly fishing shop in anaheim?
    I really want to go but I have a scheduling conflict, was wondering if they will have it again soon, or if anyone has been to it before?
    I bought an adventure pass for the year, so knowing where to go would be ideal so I wouldn't have wasted the 35 bucks.

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    I havent been to any of the seminars at Bob Marriots but any time you want to hit up some local streams (at least to me), let me know. I frequent several streams in the San Berdo mts and have been to the San Gabes and a few other creeks in the area. I get out just about every weekend.


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    Thanks, Sean, Check your PM.

    Some great reading, which may or may not be news to the people of this forum. It's some great research on heritage and wild trout in the whole state. Basically, click and read!

    Category Documents

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    Default Re: Local LA streams seminar

    I went to it last year. It was informative and the presenter was a local guy. Nice guy too, very friendly. I'd recommend it. If it's the same this year he'll talk about the different forks of the San Gabriel River, Piru Creek, Deep Creek, Bear Creek, and the Santa Ana River. If you can't go, call Marriotts and ask if they can put you in contact with the give them your email and ask them to pass it along. The guy was pretty free with his info and will probably help you out.

    I myself have only fished the West Fork of the San Gabriel recently and would recommend it. It's a great local resource.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Mack, not sure if I'm going on the boat tomorrow our not, but if I don't I'll be sure to check the sseminar out. I can't wait to hit a few bodies of water and wet a few lines...once march rolls around my internal clock knows it's trout season!

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    hope it's not too late to chime in on this post. but to treecather, can I pm you for some suggestions and your schedule? I hit the west fork about 99%of the time i go up azusa canyon as my time is very limited so I like to get to what/where I know, but want to start trying different spots.
    Manotheskip, you really cant go wrong with the west fork of the san gab. just make sure you bike/walk in about 1 1/2 to 2 miles ( of paved road ) before you get your line wet.

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