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    New member here (found this forum via search for "Deep Creek Fly Fishing Report"). I've fly/bubble fished for years, true fly fished just a couple times. Have a basic Bass Pro Shop 4/5 wt TPO rod/reel.

    I was up at Holcomb Creek a couple weeks ago (with a jeep club, doing trail maintenance), and kept looking at the creek. Every pool had dozens of small trout, with a few 10" or so. I've not fished these SBNF streams, any sources of hints to get started?

    I know the basic rules (barbless flies only, no take). But am looking for additional pointers (where, when, technique flies). Also wondering how if the fishing is good all summer, or just in the spring/early summer due to flows levels.

    I looked at the Deep Creek Fly Fishers club site. Looks like they offer some interesting classes, etc.; but didn't see much detail on actual fishing Deep Creek or Holcomb Creek.

    Thx, Cliff

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    Welcome, Pm will be sent in a minute. One word of mention is that there are 20 million (or so it seems) people within a short drive of some of these creeks. Please don't name them by name especially the smaller ones. It only takes a few bad apples to destroy the stream and then you won't see the small fish in there.
    Like I said Welcome and ask away. I can answer some of your questions but only by PM.


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    Please check your PM.
    fly-fishing (flI'fish"ing)- n. a method of angling using an artificial fly as a lure while freezing, sweating, swatting or swearing.

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    Im seeking further information on these creeks, i never keep the fish, but i love to get out there and catch them. do you guys have any details?

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    I talked with that club when they were up at the Lower Owens last month. They said water temperatures in the places you mentioned are abnormally high this season due to the lack of snowmelt, and they believe fishing in those areas this spring and summer will stress and kill the fish and destroy the fishery. They are fishing in the eastern Sierra instead, and are asking other anglers to sit it out as well, in order to save whatever fish may be left up there until the drought has passed.

    I appreciate your inquiries, but you will probably find that knowledgeable locals will be much more responsive if you can delete naming of specific locations, and send private messages instead, or attend club meetings.

    In any case, welcome aboard!

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    As a former resident of San Bernadino County who flyfished for wild trout, I can attest to what others have said. With the millions of people near such few viable trout streams, discretion is needed. You guys are quite correct in sharing info via PMs.

    The Deep Creek Club was a great club when I knew it in the 90s. I went on one of the Owens/Crowley outings and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are a flyfisher in the SoCal Inland Empire area, you owe it to yourself to look into the Deep Creek Flyfishers.
    "Sometimes the least important thing about fishing is fishing." --Roderick Haig-Brown

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    Yep by all means stop in at the Deep Creek meeting. This month is the white elephant sale and tri tip BBQ. Stop by the the club store and say hi, Im the one sellng tshirts hats and stuff. I believe that the BBQ will start at 6 pm.


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    Finally I understand why people don't like to share here! Bait fisherman that take rather than release. It makes so much sense now. I feel pretty stupid. So here's my story. I live in OC. I have been fly fishing once or twice a year for 12 years. Almost exclusively when we go to Yellowstone and Jackson (nearly yearly). But I can't get better doing this once a year and it's just too hard to break away from my business for over night trips. Plus no FF buddies. Been thinking about trying the Kern on a day trip. That seems a bit brutal! The guys at Marriott's always talk me out of local except saltwater. I'm litterally five minutes from the beach. Done that 3-4 times. Caught a halibut first time out. Nothing the other times. So, does anyone want to help an old dude out. I've got decent to good equipment. A 3 wt. several 5 and 6 weights and an 8 weight. I am going back to Yellowstone in July and need some practice badly. Any PM's would be appreciated.


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    Rob,Congrats on catching a halibut the first time out in the salt. Day trips to the Kern are possible, . I have done some day trips to the Kern River which is about 3 hours drive. I have done the suicide (day) trips to theneLower Owens and they are fun but if you go, please be careful on the drive back. It winds up being a very long day. There is nothing like being exhausted from a day hiking and fishing and then get to do a 4 hour drive back home when its hard to keep your eyes open. Ill send you a PM on one possible place to go.


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    I think it is good to share spots as long as we do it the right way since once a cooler found your precious stream a BBQ grill will follow it.

    I don't go to those mentioned places although half of the time I live in Inland Empire (IE), close to Big Bear, Arrowhead and Mt. Baldy.

    Last summer I checked on an area about 10 minutes away from where I live. From the google map, I could see streams but once I got there nothing but the rocks. The remaining streams had coolers, bbq grills, trash, and kids kicking the water. I don't need to add my foot prints there.

    deep creek FF club? sounds like a good place to meet some new friends.

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