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    Default Heading to L.A. May 5th - 11th

    I will be in LA for about a week and able to fish the 6th from late morning until whenever, all day the 7th, and maybe a few hours in the morning on the 8th.

    I'll have a car so I can drive a ways to get to decent water. Any pointers or places to start? I've never fished out there and not sure where to even begin.

    Better yet, anyone feel like playing guide?

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    I'm available to go fishing with you on the sunday the 6th.

    What part of the city will you be staying?

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    Default Re: Heading to L.A. May 5th - 11th

    I've got a guide for Sunday the 6th!

    Is anybody available on Monday the 7th?
    Less likey, more green dots

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