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    Default more local trout action

    I got up early this morning and headed for the mountains with no real plan as to where I was going. I'd never fished this area before so after poking around a while I finally found the water. Up untill now all of the trout I 've caught in my life have been rainbows so I was excited to reel in my first catch of the day to find what I think is a brook trout on my new 3 wt it was a whole new experience.

    I fished on for a couple miles and a couple hrs catching quite a few along the way most were in 5-6 in range and some real small. On the retirn leg I knew there was ome bigger fish hiding in there some where and then smack I get a good hit and the fight was on, its no monster but found this decent sized rainbow

    On we go go again and I see what I think is another great hiding place for a nice size fish, after several casts into the likely hole its on, as I see a flash of color from the fighting fish its a bigger brookie and I cant wait to get a look.

    At this point I caught everything on a nymph and really wanted some dry fly action although I 'd seen very little surface activity all day as I got back to my starting point I noticed several fish taking bugs from the surface
    I quickly tied on a dry and started casting I got a good strike and hook up from the larger of the fish I could see but the hook was spat and the fish spooked I continued on untill I landed one small brookie on my dry fly and my mission was complete.
    Thanks for looking

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    Default Re: more local trout action

    Nice fish. I really like to catch brook trout I've only caught them one time in a creek up above Jenkinson's Lake IIRCC in Northern Cal about 10 years go. They were small like that first one you caught. I don't think any were as big as that last picture.

    Thanks for sharing!.
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: more local trout action

    Nice report!

    Just a heads up the three pics you are calling brook trout are actually brown trout.

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    Default Re: more local trout action

    Thanks for the correction I wasnt sure. Now I'll have to go find some brookies for comparrison.

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    Default Re: more local trout action

    Quote Originally Posted by rcsmyth View Post
    Thanks for the correction I wasnt sure. Now I'll have to go find some brookies for comparrison.

    Here are a couple of shots for you from one of my trips. The shots are not the best though.

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    Default Re: more local trout action

    I've never fished any places yet for brook trout. The fins on the bottom side like the pic above shows a big difference. Catching fish on a 3 wt is a blast. I just have to remember that at times and let the bigger ones play themselves out. Lost several nice fish.

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    Ryan, Seems like you had a great day out on the water. I will echo what Sasha said about it being a Brown trout and not a Brookie. Great fishing pics and even better on the catch and release with wet hands


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