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Thread: Hawaiian Trout

  1. Default Hawaiian Trout

    has anyone ever fished for trout on Kauai?
    I am planning a trip to Kauai again this summer and would like as much info as possible. I have been getting some info from a member of the TU chapter out there.
    Any info would be great.

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    I too will be going to kauai in June 08' I found a web site online about the Koaie River which is on the Mohihi-Waialae trail, It seems from the reading that it is more than a one day adventure. and it is on the other side of the Island from Poipu, which is where I will be staying. so it is too far away, here is the link

    Fly Fishing Trout on the Koaie - Kauai, Hawaii - The Flyfishing Connection

    Good luck and let me know if you come across anything else. Also some good brackish water is available around the island.

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    i will be there the 29th throught july 4th.
    the info you gave is near the streams i will be fishing, and that i a camping/fishing trip. look up hawaii trout unlimited and there are some guys on there that will give you more info. for example there is no dry fky fishing because there are no hatches, interesting i know.
    i will only have a few hours to fish so i will stick to the easier access along the roads around the canyon park.
    let me know if you will be on the island while i am there, would love to hook up and have a fishing partner.

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    I will be in poipu june 7-14 sorry, upon further research, it seems that the inland water fishing is only allowed from aug and part of sept. Seems afwul short but that is what I have found out so far. I believe but not confirmed, that some of the resivoirs are open to fishing year round. I am attempting to contact the city of poipu, for there is a large resevior that stocks peacock bass, but it might be privatly owned. good luck on your research, and I will be in contact when I know more.

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    The best thing I did was to get in touch with some of the guys in the Trout Unlimited group out of Hawaii. These guys can tell you about specifics, as I was finding a lot of what you have found. I have been in contact with on e guy in particular and he has sent me several emails. I think you will be fine to fish the time you will be there. Right now they are having some flow problems so they are telling people to come and catch as many as possible and keep them, trout that is.
    Good luck with your research, and let me know what you find and how you do when you go.
    I just purchased a 3wt 3pc Sage to take with me, since the trout are not very large and the 3wt should allow for some good fights.
    I am also looking into some wading shoes that can take the stream and the trails, because the streams are very very slick and you will have to get out and walk from hole to hole, unless you want to swim through the really deep stuff. The good thing about the swimming is that there are no snakes in Hawaii.
    There are wild hogs along the streams, but they are hunted and usually stay away from people.

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