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cvd 07-21-2012 09:45 PM

Fishing Along Dusy Ershim Trail?
Anyone familiar with the fishing opportunities on the Dusy Ershim trail (a 4x4 trail near Courtwright Reservoir, above Fresno, CA). Iím headed there with a small group in late August. Weíve done our homework regarding prep for the trail, but havenít found much info on fishing.

There are several lakes along the trail (Summit, East, Ershim & Mallard). Is it worth packing a float tube for these lakes? Iíll be living out of a Wrangler for 4 days, space will be tight. Any other lakes or streams we should look for (we will hike to places off the trail, if it will be worthwhile).

Lastly, any recommendations on what flies usually work well up there? We arenít complete rookies, but are fairly inexperienced fly fishermen.


milt spawn 07-22-2012 12:51 PM

Re: Fishing Along Dusy Ershim Trail?
I am not familiar with these lakes, however Sierra Trout Guide lists Summit as holding goldens, Mallard with bows, and Ershim with brookies and possibly bows. milt.

big ed 08-12-2012 02:41 PM

Re: Fishing Along Dusy Ershim Trail?
I'm not a fly fisherman,but know the area and fish with spinning tackle. Thompson has no fish,have not fished Summit,fished East a little and didn't get anything,Ershim has some nice fish,but is difficult to fish from the shore,the bottom is very soft and you will sink into it and stir up the bottom if you walk out,serious fisherman use a boat or something here,Mallard is a small lake,but I have seen some nice fish come out of it,I didn't get anything,Lakecamp has many small Rainbows that are fun to catch,the end with more meadow is easier to access,I've seen fish in the streams,but have not fished them.

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