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Thread: E Sierra Sights

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    Default E Sierra Sights

    Well, last week I had the chance to share some of my favorite places with my wife and friends, Steve and Karen Benjamin, from Washington. I fished VERY LITTLE during the week, but had the best of times, listening to their excitement over the wonders of this beautiful country...

    We arrived Saturday evening in time for steaks at Steve and Karen's camp site and made plans for the next day, to include a drive down around the Mammoth Lakes area.

    I'm the ugly guy on the left, Steve is on the right.

    Steve and Karen...they are a hoot.

    Lunch at the overlook/entrance to Devil's Postpile. The San Joaquin River runs in the canyon below, flowing from here into SF Bay...we're sitting on the Sierra Divide. The jagged peaks in the background are the Minarets and that area is the back side of Kings Canyon, I believe.

    If you've wondered how Hot Creek got it's's right across hwy 395 from Mammoth Lakes...

    My wife (Beth) hadn't ever seen a beaver pond, so we explored the high country behind Lundy for a while.

    Steve, pondering

    There's a story behind this (above Lundy) that I've forgotten...have to hunt around and find a source.

    Mill Creek, below the ponds

    Next day we headed for Bodie, but I wanted to share Dynamo Pond 1st. Here's why...

    View down the pond toward the dam. It's maybe 100 yds long and 40 yds wide. I did fish it later in the week. Nice little browns and bows in here. Landed 2 of each in about an hour in my tube...


    Bodie in winter....40 below and heavy winds...10,000 miners and families here at the high point.

    The Benjamins had to head back north the next day, so Beth and I took a walk above Virginia Lakes.

    Here's Beth with Big Va in the background...

    ...and enjoying the miner's cabin...

    We climbed past Blue and shot it from above. We're pushing 10,500 ft pretty hard right here...

    This is Cooney...where we turned around. We only walked maybe 3 miles...

    Jeez, I'm leaving SO much out...Later in the week Beth and I walked just a bit up the Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne, up form Tuolumne Meadows on the back side of Yosemite...took my 2 wt and caught little brookies and browns while Beth walked a little further up...

    There's so much more....we took several hundred shots...I think I got a passing grade for tour guide services...Fished in the mornings for an hour or so, walking from my cabin to the outlet of Little Virginia and just wading the shallows for brookies. But this trip was really about sharing...

    I think my wife has a better understanding of where and why I go now and a love of this country of her own. On the way home she was talking about another visit and was excited when I told her some of the OTHER cool stuff we had no time for this trip...a good sign.

    Thanks for looking...hope you enjoyed it. I sure did...-Mike
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    Default Re: E Sierra Sights

    Sounds like a fun trip...Planning the Yosemite trip later this year so I may hit you up for some info on fishing in the Tuolomne Meadows area.

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    Default Re: E Sierra Sights

    Thanks for the beautiful photos.

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    Default Re: E Sierra Sights

    Mike, you could always do a Part 2 with those other shots (hint, hint). Looks like you had a great time, what could be better than good friends, clampers, and Marryats? milt.
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    Default Re: E Sierra Sights

    That was an enjoyable tour through areas I've not trod on. I'm with milt in wanting a part 2......... It was good to see pictures of you after all this time, now I'll know you if we cross paths in town


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: E Sierra Sights friends had driven to Yosemite Valley and stopped at the Mono Lake visitor center on Saturday before we arrived, so I'm saving that and the Tufa stuff for later with stuff though....and I love that little Marryat on my 2 wt.'s a few more...

    let's start with find the bear...look just left of center in the photo and you'll see 2 shiny eyes in the gloom. There was a sow and 3 cubs the night before...this guy was alone in the cabin area when we got home from dinner

    This is next morning...the bear left paw prints on my windows. A guy 2 cabins down had his window ripped out, cuz he left it down 1/2 inch and had a candy bar on his seat.

    Here's the start of the "miracle mile" on the E Walker...the outflow from the dam on Bridgeport Reservoir. The "mile" can be awesome fishing, but I generally fish down below...there's 11 miles of river in Ca and more on the Nevada side...I just wanted Beth to know what I was talking about when I came home from here.

    The museum in Bport is very cool....sits behind the historic original courthouse in town. Beth and I spent 3 hours here.

    Here's Bambi chowing down at dusk at Trumbull Lake.

    E Sierra skies are like those in Mt...always something to look at. Here's an evening sky, with Mono Lake in the view.

    I had never done the walk up the Lyell Fork and found this granite playground amazing...there were a lot of folks up there as you can see. I'll go back in the fall for another look.

    picked up a little brookie in the shadow tight to that rock on an adams

    At can see into everything....people just left...all their "stuff" is still there...also in the hotel, church, assay office, are a couple of looks inside...


    someone's house...


    Va Lakes Resort...started in 1923 by a guy and his wife from Los Angeles. A great story...

    A stop on the way home. Hwy 108 over Sonora Pass is awesome. No trailers allowed....too tight and too steep. several grades over 20%. least the glare off my noggin didn't ruin the pic. \

    Like I said...not much fishing this trip...but even when I'm with my pals fishing, we usually spend 1/3 of our time just driving the roads we haven't been up. There's always something new (old) to find exploring in the E Sierra. During this trip I picked up info about other old mines in the area that we can walk to...and there are trails into the back country everywhere and they all lead to the kinds of places that you really want to see and experience...

    Someday my ashes will be spread over some of these can't get closer to God than this...-m

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    Default Re: E Sierra Sights

    Great pics! thanks alot for sharingThe pic of the classroom is very special for me

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