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romanl 08-08-2012 03:56 PM

BIG BEAR, CA Stream & Lake fly fishing
hey guys, if anyone is from that area,
i live in Long Beach, and go up to Snow Summit to MTN Bike once in a while.
but since i started FLY Fishing 2 month ago i really want to go fish up there.

i've not fished big lakes yet, and really enjoy fishing the streams,
can anyone recommend something up in Big Bear lake area to fly fish? *(all catch n release) as i plan to fish early and then go do some downhill MTN Biking.
thank you

milt spawn 08-09-2012 06:04 PM

Re: BIG BEAR, CA Stream & Lake fly fishing
Could be a tough bite up there right now, at least for trout, the issue being high water temps. There are healthy populations of bass, cats, and carps that may be a little more willin' however. I would check the BBMWD website and look at the most recent limnological report, it gives detailed measurements of temperature and dissolved oxygen at depth from various points on the lake. If you are tubing, there is an inspection for ANS and a day use fee, or a season pass if you are so inclined. I fish the lake a lot, but hardly ever in July, August, or September. Ski/fish combos work better for me. milt.

romanl 08-09-2012 07:55 PM

Re: BIG BEAR, CA Stream & Lake fly fishing
ok thanks,
any links to those sites?
btw while its hot and water is low, if i still decide to go up, can you point me to a stream ?
otherwise ill just stay around LA *azuza area has nice little stream, but fish is small, which is why i wanted to go to Big Bear

ucangler 08-10-2012 06:25 PM

Re: BIG BEAR, CA Stream & Lake fly fishing
Fishing a lake is completely different and you'll be very frustrated this time of year. You should get a boat and use appropriate leader and flies for the warm water species. Streamers are the key here and patience with a strip hook set.

Big Bear tributaries may be fished out near stocking areas and unless you go to the really rugged places which from what I have heard have been overgrown and near impossible to fish right now.

I would really recommend you hit up DVL for some Blue Gill and Bass on streamers. The blue gill hit like crazy right now from 1- 6 feet of water, perfect for the same set up you have on right now. The same flies your using now will work which is why it is an easy transition from what you have been doing.

Getting the Bass takes different setup and flies. Go for blue gill its very similar since your a newb.

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