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Thread: Simpler times in the GTW

  1. Default Simpler times in the GTW

    I wanted to try and do a day trip to the Kern, talked to one gent (who I hope will show up here soon). He comes up with the idea of a place way up high. I had never been there but always marveled at the view of the road and wondered what was on top. We leave his house around 1:30 and were up there before it was dark. We set up camp and start thinking about relaxing. Me, being the fishhead that I am wonder aloud how long till the sun goes down and can we get an hour of fishing in. Kurt goes along with the plan and before we know it the skunk was off for both of us.
    Saturday we wake up grab some grub and head off for the trail. I have never been here before but was looking forward to the hike especially since Kurt said it wasnt bad. We hike for about 45 minutes and start fishing. We were both hooked up and the skunk was off for the day. We fished for another hour then headed up the trail. Kurt said that there was a lake at the end of this trail and he wanted to fish it. I said sure...Grumble grumble.. no markers on how far it is to the lake or every time we came to a meadow, I swore to myself that the lake is here.. Nope not here.. We hear a clap of thunder and come up to this climb and switchbacks. After some prodding we were at the top of the hill and there was a lake in front of us.. Kurt caught several, I was skunked. I fished the creek flowing back down the trail and was rewarded. On the way down it starts raining on us but lets up after an hour and a half. We were trodding along when we hear "yooouuu hoooo" from this lady that was probably about 55 years of age. She was jogging down the trail and was just having the time of her life. We asked her how far she went, She says "about 20 miles" I hope I can do walking what she did jogging when I get to be her age. She seemed like she was so full of life and just enjoying the splendor of the outdoors.
    Sunday we pack up and head off down the road. We come to a meadow with lots of stair step pools and I was in heaven. I caught a lot of some of the most beautiful fish and was completely enamored with the beauty that is out there..
    Off to some pics
    My first Golden on the fly

    Kurt with one of his many fish at the lake(sorry about the cropped head)

    I never saw a blue pinecone before

    We hiked up here so we have to get back down

    Another of my Goldens.. such beautiful creatures

    One of my best fish for the weekend

    Simpler times indeed

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    Default Re: Simpler times in the GTW

    Nice Goldens there Tree, little scary with lightning around up there! milt.

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