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    Default New to Fly Fishing any Suggestions

    I'll definitely try that fly shop out. I will also try the my it's area out since that's closer to my house. Are there any specific spots by kyburz or is it good to just try right there along the freeway where you can see the river.

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    A few years ago, all of the forks and tributaries of the American river were opened year around with catch and release only during the winter months. The north and middle forks can be good starting this time of year when flows are low like this year. Below Ralston afterbay on the middle fork and Yankee Jim's, Iowa Hill, or Euchre Bar on the North Fork. I'm from Cool (yes there really is a Cool, California, named after a gold rush era preacher) and also new to the forum. I'm glad to see I'm in the company of locals

    I would agree that the Truckee is a hard place to start and pretty cold this time of year.


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    Default New to Fly Fishing any Suggestions

    Thanks for the info. I'll have to try out the middle and north forks soon.

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