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Thread: Coming to LA..

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    Default Coming to LA..

    I'm coming to LA May18 to the 26th. Is there any decent fishing in the area? Would anyone maybe want to meet up and hang out with a fellow Coloradoan and show me around. I might have a day or 2 that i can dedicate to it?
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    Default Re: Coming to LA..

    Hope you have a nice trip. I live too far up north now to help, but try calling Fishermen's Spot in Van Nuys, CA for intel. 818.785.7306. Very helpful group.

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    We have suffered through a really bad no rain/snow year here in SoCal. Most of the local streams are running very low. Check with Steve, Ken, Dave or Dean at the "Spot" for further information. If you are interested in FF the surf, Dean is the man.

    Here are some of the local streams:

    California Fly Fishing Information | Pasadena Fly Fishing Hot Spots

    If you have a full day available, consider a run up to the Kern River above Kernville, CA. Check the Kern River Forum for current information and give Guy Jean's Shop a call. There are some very large rainbows in that river and it is the closest large, running cold water to LA...

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    I would suggest maybe trying Santa Anita Canyon, or Ice House canyon in Mt. Baldy.
    they are good for a few hours, but right now the water is low. But its getting warmer so there might be some small action.

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    Default Re: Coming to LA..

    Hi Tim,

    You should do an intro thread and say hi to everyone, it's a friendly bunch here.


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    Everything is really skinny now, West Fork of San Gabriel is no too bad. There are a few streams in San Bernadino mountains. I would also suggest Upper Kern above Kernville.

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    I'm not sure I would travel half way across the country and fish for the same stuff I have at home. There are lakes like Perris there in the LA area that have monstor Largemouth. You have a perfectly good ocean right there as well.

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    Default Re: Coming to LA..

    If it is not too late go fish the surf!
    The folks at His and Her Flyshop in Costa Mesa know the surf well.

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