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    Default Anyone hit the E. Carson recently?

    I won a new Orvis access rod and should be getting it this week and was thinking of hitting the Carson this weekend. Just seeing if anyone was having any success and if so what patterns seem to be fishing best? Thanks for any info in advance!
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    Default Re: Anyone hit the E. Carson recently?

    Hey Ricky.....haven't been and have heard very little. Sent you a PM...-Mike

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    Default Re: Anyone hit the E. Carson recently?

    Give Victor Babbitt of Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters a call. He will give you the most to up to date info.

    If I was going up this coming weekend, I would have confidence in tan caddis (Bird's Nest, Bird of Prey, Fox's Pupa) in sizes 12 to 14 for the nymph or tan caddis (Elk Hair Caddis, EC Caddis, X Caddis) in sizes 14 to 16 for the dries.

    Also bring a mix of PMD mayflies, Yellow Sallie stoneflies, and midges. It may be early, but a good heatwave could bring the hoppers to the water.


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    Default Re: Anyone hit the E. Carson recently?

    I was there yesterday. Saw fish but couldn't hook up. I tried woolybuggers, copper johns, zugbugs, and haresears, nada. No surface activity at all. Now I was fishing off wolf creek road. Anyway, I decided to drive out to the end of wolf creek rd and fish it. I caught fish there using a read headed step child. The carson fish are deep in the pools. I obviously wasnt getting deep enough so plan accordingly, Go deep thru the holes.
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