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    Default Results of recent outtings

    I've been hitting the sierras pretty hard since May, I've managed to get into some fishy situations nothing big, but having a blast breaking in my new St. Croix rod and I just received a Orvis Access 9' 5wt I won in a give away contest from I was stoked!! I never win anything anyways here's some pics.. well a lot of pics.

    The new rod

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    Default Re: Results of recent outtings

    Fun looking trip! I will be heading out real soon to now that shad is over with.....

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    Default Re: Results of recent outtings

    Ricky....nice going! ...and I like that new reel...

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    Default Re: Results of recent outtings

    Ricky: Looks like you're having way too much fun! Those were some awesome looking trout and the Sierras is pretty hard to beat for scenery! Congrats on winning the new rod!

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    Default Re: Results of recent outtings

    Sweet mayfly...looks like a drake.

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    Default Re: Results of recent outtings

    Nice pics Rickythat sierra stream looks really beautiful

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