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    Default re: In Search of Golden Trout in Eastern Sierra's Lakes

    Quote Originally Posted by von behr View Post
    Some people just have to learn the hard way. It's a strange phenomenon, because there are literally dozens of put-and-take lakes in the Eastern Sierra that would accommodate their needs and are within minutes of where they were caught.
    Some people don't care...they feel entitled to do whatever they want wherever they want and feel no obligation to clean up after themselves. They don't learn, other than to be sneaky and dishonest.

    There are 38 million people in Ca and most of them live within striking distance of the E Sierra. Do the math. When there's a place you can 4 wheel to that has goldens someone is going to drive there and try to kill them all. It's what people do. If they could do it, they'd have a lottery with a cash prize for the guy that killed the last one.

    Maybe now there will be a movement to improve the road in there...that way those that lack the appropriate vehicle can get there and do some damage too.

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    Default re: In Search of Golden Trout in Eastern Sierra's Lakes


    Unfortunately, you are right. There will always be those who just don't care about the consequences of their actions. I'd like to think that's a minority of people, but even a small group of folks can have a serious impact on a small fishery like that.

    I was encouraged by the fact that the DFW made the long trek back there to say hi and make sure we were doing things right. That should provide a deterrent for some.


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    Quote Originally Posted by milt spawn View Post
    Nice TR VB! Many years ago my buddy got vertigo driving back down that road, had to get out and walk for awhile. Unfortunately road access also brings with it the possibility of less respectful visitors. milt

    You're not kidding. That is one treacherous road. There are some spots that would be a deal breaker for anyone with a fear of heights. The turns in those switchbacks are extra tough. Making a multi-point turn with very little room on the side of a mountain is no easy task. It certainly added to the adventure of the trip.


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