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    Default Re: Poaching news, Ca style


    That's great news! I'm glad to see there were some consequences for those guys. I hope they really have to do some work in that program. Hopefully it's a deterrent.

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    Default Re: Poaching news, Ca style

    How about confiscating all of their gear and their vehicles as well?

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    Default Re: Poaching news, Ca style

    I'm sure they did lose their gear, but a gillnet prolly isn't worth much. I don't think they can confiscate a vehicle unless it is directly used in perpetrating the act, like a boat. Glad they got their comeuppance tho! milt
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    I live in Riverside Ca, and to me these guys just got a slap on the wrist. They caught 238 fish and the fine was a total of $410. Is that between the four of them? They also have to do 30 days of hard labor?? So what this essentially means is that they will wind up picking up trash along the freeway. Three years of probation? yeah right... Something tells me that these four guys are laughing there rears off and are thumbing there noses again, only at some other lake. How about we sentence these guys to actual time in jail and some hefty fines. All this did was enforce the idea that crime does pay and that they will be out there again raping the resources of our state. Ohh and the can't have a fishing license or fish legally in the state again... They were not fishing legally to begin with, what makes anyone think that this will change?

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    Fellas, fellas, fellas. You really think some 30 day program that slaps their pee pee and a $410 fine is going to deter them? If you want a punishment that is going to stop them they need several months in jail and a $5K fine, minimum! Let's just say they are not candidates for "The Dream Act".

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockthief View Post
    How about confiscating all of their gear and their vehicles as well?
    As the Oregon State Police do 90% of our game checking (part of their assigned duties ... and they take them very seriously) that's just what would happen. You see an OSP truck you know exactly what he's probably up to that day. Boat ramps it's regular patrol cars doing boat checks.

    Last float with Nate Bailey, and he's off in my Jeep to get his truck/trailer, and up comes "The Man." See's boat load of spey rods .... and the fish sized cooler. (Empty)

    'Catch anything?' Broke my heart to tell him I'd 'crackered' three fish.'

    Chatted for close to 20 minutes .... waiting for Nate to show up (no kidding!) Officer checked out his truck/trailer from top to bottom looking for 'invasive species.' Clean bill of health.
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    Default Re: Poaching news, Ca style

    I've always thought that with crimes the courts don't see as a serious threat to the community in general / public safety, etc and issue light to meaningless sentences for, the convicted person should be handed a bill when they are done - starting with the cost of the apprehending officers, mileage of the vehicles and everything all the way through.

    They intentionally stole the resources of the people of the state, why should the legal system let them, in essence, steal the resident's paid taxes as well? I also find it reasonable, that in individual convicted of poach should be required to replace that which had been poached, and /or the equivalent back into the same environment.
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    Default Re: Poaching news, Ca style

    Random User..a story.

    When I was about 16 I guess,,,I got in a gang of turkey and killed two with one shot. I really wasn't trying to do that. So, I 'tried' to do the right..or at least the logical thing. If you take two to the checking station you WILL get a ticket for one of them. So, I leave one at the house (I was hunting on a ridge back of my place) and took the nicer one to check it in. I guess someone saw me come out of the woods with two turkey, cause while I was in the back yard dressing them the Game Warden pulled up. I didn't hide anything, just told him the truth. He had to cite me anyways,,he really didn't 'want' to, but he had to.

    And yes sir, Mr Judge charged me 150 dollars on top of everything else to replace one turkey.

    I've 'heard' they charge poachers 75 dollars a trout here to replace them.

    I guess it's the fair thing to do, even in my turkey situation.

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