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    Default Golden Gate casting club

    I am heading out to San Fransisco on the 29Th for a couple days and would love to cast on the legendary ponds. are there any members here that would like to cast with me? Can a non member cast there? Is there anyone who I could contact out there that could help me?
    Thanks for your help

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    Anyone can cast at the ponds. Weekdays will see few people but there will most likely be some guys hanging around the cabin. Make sure to go in an check it out. Take an extra day if you can and go fish the Yuba - about 2.5 hours away.

    The club is across from the Bison paddock on JFK Drive:

    Don't expect to catch much at the ponds though - it's pretty fished out.

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    Default Re: Golden Gate casting club

    Whirlpool I've see you on they glass site. James Green brings his rods out to GG, contact him to see if he'll swing by.

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