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    I started fishing some of the creeks that flow through the Angeles NF the other day and will be heading out there again today. I just kinda poked my head into the forest by driving just a couple miles north of Sunland and saw a few 10" ones swimming around a bridge I was by. The water level was pretty good and the little bit of exploring I did exposed to me some really nice areas. I plan on heading further up the road today to check out the Big Tujunga Dam area as well as the upper Big Tujunga Canyon. Hopefully I will have some fish to take a few pics of.

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    Just a couple scenery pics from that trip...

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    Nice photos. How was the Upper Big Tujunga Dam area?

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    Nice pics. We left So. Cal. in '78. Used to live on the other side of Sunland Blvd. from Tujunga Cyn. so spent a lot time in that area. Mostly wheeling and carrying on like a bunch of 20 somethings.
    Your pics. actually look a lot more pristine than I remember it.

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    I recently moved from central CA to So Cal for school. I have researching places to fish with out alot of success. I will be going back to cen cal for the summer but I am hoping to get in like a dozen trips in the next month and a half. Where do you suggest I go and what rivers or streams/areas and flies should I use.

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    I lived in Sunland for several years ( Granada Hills now), and have driven over that bridge many time. It never occurred to me to try that section. I always drove up a bit further and pulled off on the picnic areas (very crowded). Do you park at a turnout, and hike down? Looks pretty steep from the road, so I never ventured down. Maybe some day I will venture out and hike for some good spots. How are the stockers? We used to catch 6-10" rainbows on powerbait. Now, after three weeks of practice, I will have to try my luck "on the fly". Do you use dry flies, or nymph, or terrestrials? I am still trying to figure what to use, and when to use it. Like I said, I have been at this for a grand total of three weeks now.



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    Right now I'm using dry flies.... I haven't gotten to fish that much this year and am still working on my cast but will be graduating to a sink tip line in a few weeks I hope.

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