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    Default Heading to Hat Creek

    Howdy NorCal. I will be heading up to the upper Hat Creek area for Labor day. I figured it was time to get out of the house and take the wife and dogs camping for the weekend. I have heard great reviews for the river, but have never been there myself.

    I am curious if anyone has any tips/fly suggestions for me before I head up there next weekend. I heard that they just planted, so I am expecting small boring rainbows, but I am hoping that there is something more exciting to see. Either way, however, I will be as happy as a kid at Christmas just to get away.

    Please, give me your suggestions.

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    Default Re: Heading to Hat Creek

    Here is The Fly Shop's report.

    I would add that if you are fishing the upper sections, you don't need to get too specific on the bugs although I would flip a few rocks anyways. You could probably get away with a dry with a nymph dropper rig like a Chernobyl Ant or a Stimulator with a Pheasant Tail or a Hare's Ear.

    Enjoy your trip.


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