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Hi VB,

I know very well what it's like to fish where you know there are fish and draw a blank. What I really want to know is what's up with the step ladder shot................

I know it looks goofy, but there are three places where you have to cross barbed wire fences. The area is leased to cattle ranchers, but the trail itself is open to the public to allow access to the lake. The ladders are permanent structures to facilitate human crossing, presumably to limit damage to the barbed wire fences.


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VB: I forgot to ask about the Outcast, does it come with the straps for backpacking, or was that something you rigged up? Also how much does it weigh? Sure looks like a great setup for backpacking into lakes off the hwy.

Larry, I bought the backpack straps from a fly shop as an accessory. The straps are made by Outcast and clip onto rings that are already part of the float tube itself. I believe all of the Outcast tubes have the attachment points so they can be carried that way. Here's an image:

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