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mikel 12-28-2013 11:43 AM

Bad water news in the west
California faces a catastrophic drought next year Quartz

milt spawn 12-28-2013 11:51 AM

Re: Bad water news in the west
We need a miracle, every day. Pray to Ullr! milt

Ard 12-28-2013 03:58 PM

Re: Bad water news in the west
It does not paint a pretty picture for those who love the streams up in the mountains. I'm sorry to read that and I hope there will be a change for the sake of your entire area. We have high waters so often here that it is easy to forget how bad no water is. Nothing I can do but to say it's a sad thing fellows.


mcnerney 12-28-2013 05:12 PM

Re: Bad water news in the west
The west definitely needs a good snow season!


mikel 12-30-2013 07:08 PM

Re: Bad water news in the west
Three fires burning in Monterey County, Big Sur is apparently burning again and I think it's 8 counties with a ban on any outside burning, due to fire danger...

The old record for low rainfall in Santa Cruz was +/- 15" for a calendar year. 2013 was closer to 5" and the old record was almost 100 yrs ago.

No rain in the forecast thru 1/8. This doesn't look good.

troutdoorsman 01-17-2014 04:38 PM

Re: Bad water news in the west
Folsom Lake in Sac is getting pretty close to being empty from what I'm hearing. The streams up here are pretty low and even Pyramid is about 4 ft low compared to where it was last year. I keep doing a rain dance every day but still nothing. I am loving the 50's in Reno in Jan though

trout trekker 01-20-2014 12:50 PM

Re: Bad water news in the west
It’s not just about the lakes and trout streams. With the ever falling flows in the valley rivers, the salmon and steelhead redds are in big trouble.

If you care to actually view what’s going on statistically, you can go here:
Dreamflows Realtime Report

For those not familiar with all of these waters, the number of low ( shown in yellow ) flows might not seem like a big deal if you’re thinking of them in the terms of this being winter and a lot of the water content would normally be locked up in snow pack.
Three points, there is next to no snow pack this year in many areas.
A good number of these rivers and streams are not snow fed but are rain charged systems.
With few exceptions most of these rivers and streams are very low, even for winter flows.

The Lower Sacramento is running around 2,900 cfs, the Feather in the upper middle river is running around 700 cfs, the American below Natoma is running in the low 500's and the Yuba at its mouth is running around 525 cfs and it looks like you could skip across it.

Even with the super shallow draft of a lightly loaded drift boat, it’s gettin' pretty sporty out here.
I haven’t seen a jet boat operating in the upper - middle river in quite a while and jets in that area are far more common than drift boats. If you’re trailering a boat up here, best check on flows for the section you intend to run and ramp conditions. Some are high and dry or blocked by sand bars. Lots of old pilings, sand bars and snags blocking traditional lanes, rocks and clay heads that haven’t been seen in years are making an appearance.


mikel 01-20-2014 03:37 PM

Re: Bad water news in the west
Most of Ca under red fire alert rain forecast before 2/1 at least. Small fires burning in high country where 5 feet of snow should be on the ground.

Jerry Brown wants to build a tunnel and take the Sac River water out of the delta, assuring salt water intrusion even farther inland and the demise of salmon, steelhead and stripers.

People keep saying the numbers are only a little worse than the drought in the 70s, but there weren't 38 Million people here then, nor was the entire west side of the San Joaquin Valley planted with thirsty crops for export to our friends in China.

This situation is grim.

runningfish 01-20-2014 04:02 PM

Re: Bad water news in the west
I live about 20 minutes away from the closest ski resorts and it's been years since I saw some nice natural snow on the peak of the mountains.

The situation is getting worse every year as the winter getting shorter-warmer, less rain and less snow. I heard a news saying that if we didn't get a good spell of rain soon, Southern California is going to be in bad drought and you won't be allowed to flush the toilet. Just yesterday, it was 81F at 1pm when I went to get some groceries. Too dry and too hot for mid of January whether here. We need the snow and rain from every where now.

I think I should wash my van, it usually rains in a day or two every time I did it. I'll take one for the team.

trout trekker 01-21-2014 12:02 PM

Re: Bad water news in the west
Snapped these yesterday while cycling around 2:00 p.m. it was a clear & balmy 71 and will be again today..

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