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    Default Northern Cali fishing

    I just accepted a job for the summer in Northern California (Humboldt county). Never been out there before and was just wondering what I can expect as far as fishing.


    - Tyler

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    Default Re: Northern Cali fishing

    Tyler, even though I've lived in California for years, I've hardly scratched the surface of the fly fishing opportunities. The North Coast has terrific salmon and steelhead fishing, but it think you'll be out of season. There's great trout fishing in the Redding area, Upper and Lower Sacramento, Trinity River, McCloud River, Pitt, Stillwaters, etc. You can do some internet research and/or call The Fly Shop in Redding for more info. I'm sure there are folks on this site who can tell you a lot more about it than I can. Good luck, and enjoy your summer!


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    Default Re: Northern Cali fishing

    If you can find water that is there year round, there will be fish. most rivers and decent size lakes will have trout and bass/panfish, smaller ponds will have bass and panfish. All bodies of water will have catfish. There is a reason California is great for fishing

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