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I have 6 and counting.....


My latest 3 have not been because of my own doing, but rather a careless companion thinking barbs on hooks is what keeps the fish on, and not making sure you have no slack.

Size 8 treble hook. Impaled while we were launching at 6 am, and didn't go to the ER until 7 pm. (Hey, the bite was good...couldn't leave 'em biting.)

I crimp everything. Even ER co-pays aren't cheap.
Ouch on the hook bit! Only did the 'impale' once ..... a #4 2xl and couldn't get that darned thing out of me and 'wife-type' wanted no part of it. Off to the ER and even they didn't know what to do. Good thing was I still had my wire side cutters in my pocket so tell them to just drive the GOD DAM... THING THROUGH AND CUT IT OFF.

Insurance is a good thing .... the bill came to SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS.