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    Default San Gabriel River National Recreation Area? Need Your Input!

    Please see the attached link:
    San Gabriel National Recreation Area Proposal | Congresswoman Judy Chu
    Congresswoman Judy Chu, whose district includes portions of the San Gabriel river watershed, is seeking input on 2 draft proposals:
    - one to create a "San Gabriel Mountains National Recreation Area" (comments due April 30)
    - another one to designate the San Gabriel as a "Wild and Scenic River" (comments due May 30)

    Both of these proposals have implications for fishing, conservation, increased funding for staff, perhaps finally enforcing the ban on illegal prospecting in the river habitat. Please let your voice be heard!

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    Default Re: San Gabriel River National Recreation Area? Need Your Input!

    Just bumping my own post because Wednesday is the last day for public input on the National Rec Area. Also, the rivers designation would include not only the East Fork of the San Gabriel, but also the North Fork, the West Fork west of Cogswell, Little Rock Creek, Cooper Canyon, and parts the of Lytle Creek area.
    It’s more than just a new label on the signs.
    The “Wild and Scenic” designation will no doubt helps protect the fish habitat overall. Our mountains get almost as many visitors annually as Yosemite, yet these areas have almost no staff or enforcement of anything other than the Adventure Pass. For those of you who are tired of these rivers being joked about as “diaper changing stations”, we should welcome the additional staff and funding.
    At the same time, this may also have implications for trout fishing. There was controversy a few years ago whether trout were displacing native species, and also whether the trout themselves were descendants of native steelhead.
    Fishermen are under-represented in the gov’t data. They say we are less than 2% of the recreational users of the East Fork, yet when I hike from Heaton Flats I see more than 2% carrying rods.
    If you would like to see trout fishing in the San Gabriels continue and flourish, please send your comments.

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    Send comments to SGRec[at]

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    Default Re: San Gabriel River National Recreation Area? Need Your Input!

    UPDATE: the National Recreation Area bill was submitted to Congress last week (6/12/2014).
    National Recreation Area bill for Angeles National Forest submitted to Congress

    This bill pretty much covers the major fly fishing areas in the San Gabriel Mountains (unless you've got some other secret spot). If you live in the LA area, you have a vested interest in this bill!
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    Default Re: San Gabriel River National Recreation Area? Need Your Input!

    Yikes, thanks for keeping us up to date on this.


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