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    Default Little Virginia Lake/Eastern Sierras...What worked...

    My daughter Ally, her dog Hero and I went up to Virginia Lakes to test out a bunch of those soft hackles I have been working on...we were there from noon on Friday and left Sunday morning...

    Tubers to the left...I like to fish from a boat on Little Virginia because it provides a high platform to spot cruisers...

    Workin' the soft hackles...

    The standard PT and Partridge and Peacock and Partridge...these work almost all the time in Little Virginia...#12 for Peacock and #16 for PT were the ticket on this trip...

    took the largest fish on this cone head bugger (4lbs.) fished off an intermediate line on Friday afternoon...stripped on 6" pulls, fast...

    KG's Spring Creek Scud, #16...Thanks Kelly !

    Purple Peacock and Partridge, #12...

    Quicksilver Soft Hackle #16...

    Leftover Klink...these were a surprise for me. I tied these up a number of years ago and have used them in a number of rivers where they have provided some success...they absolutely killed on Little Virginia in Brown, Black and Olive #14-#16.

    This is a view of Bridgeport Res., Sunday Morning...

    Not good...we are in a very serious drought..

    ..and the East Walker below...

    The fishing ???...STUPENDOUS...

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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    Default Re: Little Virginia Lake/Eastern Sierras...What worked...

    The EW flows look alright in that pic but the reservoir sure is low. Went up to Stampede and Boca Reservoirs near Truckee last week and it actually scared me. I've never seen either as low as they are right now.

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    Default Re: Little Virginia Lake/Eastern Sierras...What worked...

    Excellent ties. Ive been tying a whole bunch of soft hackles in anticipation for my trip up to the Sierras in a couple weeks. May I ask how you're fishing those on the lakes?

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