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Thread: hawaii?

  1. Default hawaii?

    has anyone been fishing the islands lately? Any reports on any fishing would be great!

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    I am also looking for information on fly fishing in Hawaii, any info would be appreciated. thanks.

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    what islands are you visiting and I might be able to help you a little?

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    I'll be on Maui for a week at the end of Dec. Looking for more big game saltwater than actual trout fishing. I've done some basic searches but nothing too promising. Just a few captains that know how to tease fish to the boat and if we run into a school of tuna or dorado I'm welcome to give it a go.

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    sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner.

    you have to really search out people in the islands that know about fly fishing. Give a guy named Louie the fish a call, and you can do a search for him, or call Nervous Waters in Oahu. Louie will give you some information about the islands. I know he has fished Maui before. I fished with him when I was on Oahu.
    Good luck, there are fish there, just not a lot of flies getting in front of them.

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