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Thread: Truckee, CA.

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    Default Truckee, CA.

    20170815_170833 by James Landis, on Flickr

    It has been cooler with the clouds......
    Water temp is nice in the mornings (62), and climbs all day.......bath tub temp by evening. Geen/clear. The release from Tahoe is up....and tribs continue to drop, so it just got even warmer on the river...
    Fish the shade.......
    Hardly any bug activity early....midges are about it. What do you eat when you have 1 item availible?
    Baetis if cloudy....nymphs work best...

    Short wing stones are out at night....
    finding shucks in the morning. A large darkish stone nymph will get a grab.
    A client got his ripped off his leader on his first drift.
    Hoppers in the afternoon.
    Starting to see a few different Mays.....
    Occasional PMDs flying in the PM....
    Some risers at dusk....
    Yet to catch one, but a big may is showing, probably an Isonycia....I'll chase one down and report.
    I have hooked on green free range Caddis.
    And a few are a flyin....
    Waders are nice at dawn, but soon after, you will want to shed waders and get wet.
    Just too warm to wear them all day.
    Fish the bubbles for best effect.
    Bears, and bear scat abound......lots of berries to eat. Lock your car.....
    Saw some grouse, deer, and the ducks are starting to gather for the trip south.
    We have a month of summer left.......get after it.

    The bar isn't set by the fish we catch, but by the one's we don't.


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    Default Re: Truckee, CA.

    Thanks for the update up north, Bigfly!

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    Default Re: Truckee, CA.

    20170927_093355[1] by James Landis, on Flickr

    It was Fall......
    Today is white all over.
    It will melt fast, and be warm again this week.....but soon, it will be Winter for five+ months.......
    I have a few days open if you want to tag a fish before then!

    The woods are quieter everyday.
    Most of the birds are gone, tourists too......
    The bugs are still going in the evening.
    A few PMDs, a bundle of Baetis......
    A cadre of Caddis....both Oct. and large Amber, and some little Glossisoma.
    Midges of course....
    And a few Hoppers still hopping.
    The snow will stifle them for a couple days, but they will be back again when it warms later this week.
    You could fish dries, or a bobber, or swing like you are fishing Steelhead.......could get a mighty Brown as well.....
    The water in the canyon is nice.......near town is smallish Winter flows.....

    Cold enough to wear waders again.......

    Treat'em nice

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    Default Re: Truckee, CA.

    Yales brown by James Landis, on Flickr
    He chased the cray.........but ate the sz18 soft's no wonder we miss them, when the fly is so small, and the mouth is so big.
    Can you see it? Right where it should be in the corner of his mouth......

    There are those out there, that will round file this.....
    But one thing I do well, is see patterns...
    Over 48 years of being on the water, I have seen spiders "flying" in the on-set of winter.
    The spiders are aloft......
    Once experienced a spider "hatch"...on Paradise Lake....they were dragging on the surface and that was all the fish were looking at....didn't have one in my box.
    Managed to catch a couple, wind-dapping a Griffiths gnat....
    Saw a fish eat an Ovipositing aquatic moth yesterday....not sold in stores....try a big white wolfe dry....

    I had a brilliant, cloudy afternoon of casting Baetis dries to seriously rising fish. Gorging might be a better description.
    Sz 18-20 Burks silhouette dun.....Tied for the T.
    Little blue-winged sailboats disappearing beneath the surface....they were sipped, slurpped, porpoused too, even a Shamu style breach....22"was my biggest, but had a big booger decline to stay and play.

    Went back the next day of course.....
    Nuclear blue skies instead, and found a ghost town.....
    If you want to fish a dry primarily, fish the clouds..........
    Otherwise, swing a soft hackle in riffles or swing a streamer...or dredge a nymph, maybe a hopper dropper (they're back...), or.........if you happen onto some sporadical Oct Caddis, try "splat Dapping" an adult...
    Point being, go whining this winter....

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    The bar isn't set by the fish we catch, but by the one's we don't.


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