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    Default Pleasanton Fly fishing show

    Hello all, just got my room reserve, i am going to take a day off from teaching and coaching and make the drive up to the show.

    It will be my first show, i have picked out a few classes, and other stuff to do.

    I will be looking for a new 6 weight setup.

    Who else is going? What are the shows like?


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    Default Re: Pleasanton Fly fishing show

    If its in CA - I am in OK, sorry too far for me.

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    Default Re: Pleasanton Fly fishing show

    I will be there probably Friday but maybe Saturday. It is fun I enjoy the show, Check out the guys tying flys and talk to them lot's to learn about flies and fishing, new gear you can try out, some deals if you look around, old gear at some of the tables, if you ever wondered about a bamboo rod or a glass rod try one out but talk with the Bamboo rod builders they are interesting guys. The classes are cool too as are some of the videos. There is usually a large book seller there and you can by one of the authors books and get it signed, they are fun to talk to also. Lots of other things going on too so have fun.

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    Default Re: Pleasanton Fly fishing show

    Been looking forward to it. I’ll be there Fri. and maybe Sat.
    "Have Rod, Will Travel"

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    Default Re: Pleasanton Fly fishing show

    I'll be there too. I go every year, but I only live 15 minutes from Pleasanton. I like to go to the presentations, a lot of good speakers and great info on a variety of topics. I also spend some time talking to the tyers, there is some incredible work and I usually pick up a few tips/ ideas that help me. I took a casting lesson (in a class) a few years ago with Gary Borger and it helped my casting, if I can stick with his tips/ techniques. I leave with more gear than I need, I particularly am on the prowl for tying supplies. Welcome, and hope you enjoy the show. We should have great weather.


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    Default Re: Pleasanton Fly fishing show

    When I lived in Nor-Cal this was a 'don't miss event.' Remember my first one well ... Sage had just started to build/sell 2hander's and no one was a bit interested to even try the rod (7136-Brownie). Poor fellow was getting no where until I walked up and asked if I could try out the rod ... 90' long pool. Stripped off all the line off the reel and made a couple of test cast ... then let her rip!

    Yarn fly hit some poor lady 20 foot beyond the end of the pool.

    "Sweet Jesus where did you learn how to cast a spey rod"

    'Grew up in Canada, this is all we used; all my old neighbors were Scot's.'

    A 10 year old, a wood rod, not a good match .. an hour fishing and I was dead beat. Tucked into a canvas tent, dead to the world ... maybe the taste of the 'passed bottle' had some thing to do with that?

    Anyway, my 7136 was #4 off the factory floor.

    End game is he 'hired' me to demo the rod for the rest of the show. My new 7136 was sold to me as a 'used rod;' paid peanuts; still have the rod.

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Pleasanton Fly fishing show

    I just signed up for three classes, one each day. two casting and one other.

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