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  1. Default San Gabriel River West Fork

    I went out to the west fork of the san gabriel river this weekend and it was a beautiful day. It beat sitting around watching college football. I started fishing right at hwy 39 and fished west to the first bridge (bear creek). I had a lot of short strikes and didn't my hook into a fish until i got to the bridge where I ended up getting 5 small browns. I haven't been up there in over 20 years and was surprised it hasn't changed to much. Being so close to downtown L.A. the only difference I noticed was the idiots who have spray painted on the rocks in the canyon. I packed up and went to the east fork and didn't even bother getting out of the truck. What a disappointment seeing the trash and all of the people in the river panning for gold. This fishery (east fork) has been totally destroyed in my opinion. Are there any other So. Calif. fly fishers who have seen this?

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    I fished that area for the first time three weeks ago as well. I enjoyed the West Fork and was amazed at this area that is so close to LA. I did not take any time on the East Fork. Hearing your report is swaying me from not wasting my time there. Know of any other close areas for fishing in SoCAl?

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    I fished the SG some years ago but I was pretty high up the canyon. Seems to me I was just below the confluence of the two creeks that make up the main fork. Can't remember their names. Maybe one was Clearwater??...or something like that.

    In any case it was a good hike down into the canyon from the paved road. The fishing was good. Several in the 13-14-inch range.

    There wasn't much in the way of trash up there, but I do remember that the closer I moved downstream towards the SG Rez the more mess I saw.

    One spring I participated in stream clean-up projects on the SGR and Piru Ck. Guess what happens is you just pick up others' trash and more "others" continue to throw more out. That's too bad to hear that about the river.

    Quote Originally Posted by hookenum
    It beat sitting around watching college football.
    That's for sure. In fact, why am I sitting here this afternoon and watching the market melt-down. May as well go throw a hopper of some moving water.

    Back later....

    Allen R
    Snake River Plain

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    Look up "Boquet Canyon Creek". it's just above magic mtn which is about an hour from O.C. I saw DFG just planted this area but i didn't have a chance to go this week. Have you heard of Bear Creek? The creek head is the dam for big bear and runs down the canyon and eventually turns into the santa ana river. This used to be a very good spot for native browns. If you have a float tube i hear lake perris is good near the dam. Anyway there's a couple places for you........

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    Hey Hookenum,
    You might have seen the trash and graffiti situation at its worst. It was at the end of the warm weather bathing and barbecue season.
    I would encourage you to return in a few weeks. Let the cooler weather deter the crowds, you may have a more enjoyable experience.
    Hopefully we will see some decent rain this winter which will wash away trash and break up man-made dams on the East Fork. With time the Fisheries Resource Volunteer Corps people will get a chance to catch up on the graffiti. The river will again look more natural and pristine.
    As usual, the cycle will start over when the weather warms up. Close proximity to urban areas is a problem.
    fly-fishing (flI'fish"ing)- n. a method of angling using an artificial fly as a lure while freezing, sweating, swatting or swearing.

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    I sure hope so. Although there hasnt been any stocks(as far as i know) i'm going to the west fork this weekend. Thanks for the encouragement of the area. i sure hope it was just timing as i love this area. Take care

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    Have a good time this weekend. Take some pictures and post a report for us all when you get back.

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    Bear creek is fun but a bit hard to get to. Cant really get there in the family sedan but the motorcycle was fun. Went there two weeks ago and really enjoyed myself there. Caught four, three of them were brownies.
    Went to Deep Creek today and had the place to myself, lots of hook ups and two rather nice ones but were off the hook before I could land them.
    Think the best way to do West Fork San Gabriel is with a bicycle. Peddle past all of the trash. Then start tossing flies and keep from loosing them in the tree's
    Tried doing that at Lytle Creek but couldnt drive past it all. Think it's headwaters are at a landfill. Saw several fish but the trash pretty much ruined the afternoon for me.
    Trying to decide.. Fish or work on a Sunday


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    So how was your trip to the West Fork? I want to head up there next week and was wondering if it was even worth it?

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    Sorry about the late response. I got 8 rainbows all around 8-10 inches. As Tree Catcher mentioned bicycle back as far as you can go and fish back to the hwy. If you dont get up there first the fish are spooked. I pretty much got one hook-up at each stop. I got all of my fish above the second bridge in the protected area.

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