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Thread: Piru Update

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    Has anyone been on the Piru this fall? I'm curious about conditions and status.


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    I spent the long weekend on Piru Creek. As expected, flow was low but it was nice to be out. Here are some pics. showing water levels and a friend with whom we crossed paths. (l-r: Gold Hill Road crossing; below confluence of Buck Creek and Piru; friend; concrete dam below Pyramid Dam; and Hardluck Campground crossing)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    So nobody else has been fishing the Piru? I'm going up to the headwaters this weekend for a look-see. :-)

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    I really do not post enough to have a say which way or the other.. The guy above me smells of SPAM


    The post that Sean is refering to has been deleted. (Frank Whiton)

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    Hey they took the post out!!!! Great job, Jadefox that last post was not directed towards you, just the spammer that snuck through


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