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Thread: Yosemite NP

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    Default Yosemite NP

    I am starting to plan a trip to Yosemite in mid August. This is mainly a bucket list national park touring trip and not a fishing trip. BUT, my wife and i both might like to fish a few hours, half day, whatever, if there is something that warrants. I am totally ignorant about fishing opportunities there. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Yosemite NP

    There are some beautiful places to fish and the scenery is more spectacular than the fishing. Yosemite sees a lot of people year-round so to get to descent fishing expect to walk a way at least a mile. Also many of the streams are pretty small and so are the fish so since it is not specifically a fishing trip to save space and weight you could easily fish most streams with a little stealth and a Tenkara rod. The lakes are a different story though you will need a regular fly rod for those. You do not need a lot of flies you would be fine with a Parachute Adams, Royal Wulff, EHC, PMD, an Ant pattern, a stimulater, and a few black midge and pheasant tail nymphs. Nothing fancy. Maybe a black wooly bugger if you fish the lakes. Several lakes in the park have had all fish removed to allow the frogs to come back, they are listed in one of the references below. If you go and do not bring at least one Tenkara setup or a fly rod you will wish you had something, the area is just to inviting. DON't FORGET THE CAMERA!

    Several good fly fishing references are shown below...

    Fly Fishing Yosemite

    Fishing Yosemite | Yosemite Fly Fishing

    Tuolumne River Meadows - Fly Fisherman

    The Ecological Angler - Fly Fishing Yosemite National Park

    Fish your park: Yosemite National Park | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries


    Tim C.

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    Default Re: Yosemite NP

    Wow! This is great. Thank you.

    For others who might be interested in this, click through on the links. I did. There is a lot of good stuff there, which my own half-diligent searches were not finding.

    The Nat Park touring trip might get to be a fishing trip yet!

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    Default Re: Yosemite NP

    We went to Yosemite last June and combined the NP with fishing. We hired a guide for 2 half days and one full day over the course of the week. On the off days, we found ways to fish here and there.

    One day we fished a spring creek off of Glacier Point Road, after going our to see the views.

    Another day we fished inside the Merced inside the park...our guide has the ability to work within the boundaries.

    Our final guided day we took Tioga Road and fished in Toulumne Meadows.

    We stayed in Wawona and fished a couple of spots....with no one around.

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    Default Re: Yosemite NP

    Here's a good primer on a trip I took to Yosemite: Yosemite TR Late August

    PM me if you need any detailed info or anything else.

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