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    Default Fly Fishing for Trout near San Francisco

    Couple of weeks ago I did trip to San Francisco visit relatives and trip to Napa, Sonoma Valley.

    Part of the trip was to explore Trout Fishing, unfortunately I did not see much information. Putah Creek was suggested with warning that it will be crowded.
    Sacramento River was other option, but did not find much of the information.

    Are there any other spots near Napa, Sonoma valley?

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing for Trout near San Francisco

    Some one from the area will probably help more but here is my take. My son lives in
    Woodside Ca about 30 miles from SF. The Putah was the only place within 3.5 hours especially
    during the summer. I could only find one fly shop that had SA Amplitude fly line within 50 miles of him.

    diyflyfishing has a map of Ca that shows fly fishing locations.

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing for Trout near San Francisco

    My oldest son, his wife & our grandsons live in CA near San Francisco. My wife & I have spent time in two years there in Dec. for Christmas with them and I've looked into the possibility of doing some fly fishing while there. There's nothing close to where he lives that I could find.

    I had gotten a good reply from an inquiry to Lost Coast Outfitters about the possibility of trout fishing and was told that I would have to go north a few hours to find any decent water.

    I wouldn't have had any issue with fishing in the bay for Stripers, but was not taking gear with me. My son has a 4 wt outfit, which is why my thought was for targeting some trout.

    Unfortunately, I was never able to make it happen.
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    Default Re: Fly Fishing for Trout near San Francisco

    Here are some past posts on this subject but yes trout fishing is about 3-4 hours from the Bay Area.

    Stanislaus Trip Report

    CA Fishing help within 4ish hrs from San Jose

    Trip to Sonoma County, CA

    Not mentioned is the Russian River which 2 hrs from Napa above Ukiah is stocked with trout. Closer to Napa from Healdsberg to Guerneville has good fishing for smallmouth Bass, pike Minnows and the occasional steelhead.
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    Default Re: Fly Fishing for Trout near San Francisco

    Closest trout water to SF or Bay Area is Putah Creek. If you avoid the large Gortex hatch after Xmas and it isn't all that crowded. You can find solitude, especially in the early spring. Putah Creek is a waders' river.

    Sacramento River trout fishing is near Redding. Folks refer to it as either the "Lower Sac" which is the river from Redding downstream to Anderson or slightly beyond, and the "Upper Sac" which is the river upstream from Lake Shasta. This is well worth the trip. The Upper Sac is a waders' river. The Lower Sac is anything but -- hire a guide & a drift boat and you will not be disappointed.

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