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Thread: Truckee, CA.

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    Default Truckee, CA.

    So, that's a wrap on Summer!
    Most every night will be chillier, and days too. Hasn't frozen yet at this elevation, but bring a light jacket for a dawn attack. And it's nearing the time for a non-leaking pair of waders. Bring some backup clothes as it is still slippery out there....
    This my favorite time of year......
    As there are fewer fishers out and about, the fish are more likely to eat something......
    Mornings are nice.
    There are fewer bugs this time off year, what I think of as a limited menu.
    Midges early, Hoppers midday, and a smattering of Caddis and tiny Mayflies at the magic hour.
    This is another tie or buy alert. Might be September Caddis hatch this year.
    I checked another pupating Caddis and it was well advanced. Are you ready for the last big bug?
    Locals refer to this time as the shoulder season...we relax a bit before the winter starts. The Squirrels have gotten territorial a little later this year so we may have an extended Fall season...
    If you check back through my blog for a decade of observations, you can feel ready for most anything nature can deliver.
    Flows are stable, lower, and cooler than a couple weeks ago.
    I am feeling the love....

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    Default Re: Truckee, CA.

    There's not a day that goes by that I don't wonder how dreary this world would be if elk were bald and birds had no feathers.
    - Hank Patterson

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    Default Re: Truckee, CA.

    Thanks for the update, Jim! Almost a year ago, I was out there in Tahoe and had some pretty good early fall fly fishing.

    I'm trying to make my way back up there, since a good buddy of mine recently moved back to Reno and has offered his couch and place as a base camp of sorts.

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    Sounds like prime time! This time of year for me is a migration from high elevation lakes back down onto the main stem rivers and eventually tail waters.

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