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Thread: A week to go...

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    Default A week to go...

    The fishing season for many areas in CA ends Nov 15th. I confess that I've not done anywhere near the amount of fishing as previous years, though I did manage my first excursion into golden Trout territory.
    I notice that this forum has been relatively quiet, except for Bigfly's great posts about the Truckee.

    How was your season this year?
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    Default Re: A week to go...

    I too, wish that i had fished more this year.

    It's been a rough couple of past months. Out of a relationship that I was in for 6 years, my yearly 'fishing' vacation took a back seat, and we went to Costa Rica instead, trying to 'fix things,' but that didn't work out as planned.

    Dating a new girl now though, who loves to ski, and got us a few days in Mammoth in early December.

    "You can fish, I can ski. Or whatever you'd like to do."

    She wants to learn how to fly fish, which is always exciting, so i may get use of my 2019 license here soon. Might venture out to our locals soon, just to get her accustomed to casting and what not.

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