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Thread: New to the Site

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    Hi all:

    I'm new to the site but have been fly fishing for a year now. I spend most time in the Sierras or tubing the lakes down here. Since I live in LA, I'm looking for more creek/river options around here. I'd really like to be able nymph and throw dries closer to home.

    Looking for any and all suggestions.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome Woolybugg.. Where abouts do you live in the L.A area. I am in Riverside and can direct you to lots of places around here. If you are in some other part of the L.A area, you can always head out to the local ranger station and either ask a ranger on where to fish or buy a map and follow the blue squiggly lines. Usually if the water flows year round there is life in them.


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    I live in LA proper but more than willing to make the drive out there.

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    Welcome Wollybugg!!!!

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