I got down to Hot Creek today in the Eastern Sierra around 1 pm. When I walked down to the river the BWO's were coming off in full force. I tied on two different types of beatis patterns one being Sloan's Might May size 20 and another size 22 beatis. I fished indicator less with a size 6 shot. After a few cast I had already landed my first fish a average size rainbow about 15 inches. The fishing today was about as good as it gets. I hooked probably around 20 fish in 2 hours landing about 10. There were alot of bigger size browns today feeding heavily, 17 to the 22 inch range. My biggest fish landed today was a brown pushing about 20 inches. There was a lot of angler pressure on the river today. But with everybody seemed to be hooking trout on the fly rod. Just about every person I talked to today was fishing something different also. Most people weren't from Mammoth Lakes and were from outta town so they weren't getting too techy with their fly selection. Guys were fishing a wide range of flies today from simple attractor patterns like pheasant tails and hairs ears to midges and scuds. No matter what you use right now your are going to get a few grabs but if you want to maximize your fish counts for the day fish the beatis pattern i mentioned or any others that you might have. Fishing opener in Mammoth Lakes is the 25 of this month and is fast approaching. If you have the time to get up here before the opener I would highly recommend it to fish the Upper Owens River and Hot Creek in Mammoth Lakes. Check out Videos of today's Fly Fishing and previous weeks on you tube.YouTube - Eastern Sierra Fishing| Mammoth Lakes Fishing video| Hot Creek Fly Fishing Video

Thanks for reading my fish report.

Jason Fritz
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