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    I had the pleasure of getting out this past weekend with a fellow Deep creek flyfishing club member. We did not go to said creek but instead hit up unknown waters to him, hence the name Firewood Creek. Then again just about any creek from the high flows and the amount of stuff flowing down them after the past few weeks of rain could be Firewood Creek. First off is a picture of the creek, You might be able to spot Scott through the firewood, remember that I and the wood were abit above Scott.
    I have spent the past few weeks after my surgery tying some flies. Turns out I now have over 200 flies tied. Only problem is that I am now low on hooks and need to go back to either Bass Pro or Bob Marriots :bananadance: One of the fellow addicts sent me a few of his flies and I wound up tying at least 6 of each. Also while at BSP, my son jokingly asks me if I have ever used pink for a fly as he picks up some pink dyed deer hair. Does it catch fish, it sure does!!.
    Works great as a hi vis indicator fly. You can spot that puppy anywhere!!
    I caught my first Brownie of the year I had a great day on water with some great company that I have only been on twice before. Nothing really of size but then agan I was just glad to be out on the water. Can't wait until the next weekend where I can go out and have some fun. It was so nice being out on the water again.


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    That place looks like a war zone! Glad to see you finally back out on the water and catching some fish. Thats a cool little fly you tied!

    Good luck out there! Keep me posted.
    Tight Lines
    Its all about the strike.

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