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  1. Default British Columbia

    I've always wanted to fly fish Canada. I've heard that BC is the best area. Does anyone have any advice?


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  3. Default British Columbia

    I have gotten to fish BC a lot in the past few years. In my opinion, it is the best trout and salmon destination anywhere. It offers all 5 species of Pacific Salmon, Steelhead, Dolly Varden, Bull Trout, Rainbow Trout and Cutthroats. There is also a growing saltwater fly fishery for Ling Cod, Black Sea Bass and a bunch of other sportfish. Only Alaska also has this mix, the difference though is that in BC all of the species can often be found in close proximity. BC also offers the advantage of a favorable currency exchange between the US and Canadian dollar, allowing you to do a little more for a little less. Another great plus is that Vancouver is the gateway to most BC destinations, and it is a beautiful city with great parks, food and museums allowing a good mix of urban and wilderness adventures on one trip. has a wealth of information. I host fly fishing trips to BC every July and September for both trout and salmon, feel free to Email me at if you would like details.

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    Hi if you want to do your own selfguided or local guided trip then inland bc is best namely kamloops area for trout [big trout] do a seach for fly shop outfitters etc in that area then e-mail them for more info also the Alberta side of the Rockies has great fishin check out the Bow river area. For 8 to 15 lb coho crazy steelhead etc and salt water 30-60 lb chinook its the northern island and the Queen Charlotte's[check out Oak bay marine group] and if you wish to stay stateside northern wa is same range as kamloops and the san jaun islands are the home of sage hope this helps a little . Eric

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    Northwest BC has killer salmon and steelhead fishing - world class lodges such as the Silver Hilton and Nimo Bay lodge are in this area. There is also great trout fishing both on the island and in the interior. As well you can fish for sea run cutties which can be quite the blast! I'd be happy to recomend a spot or to you if you wish.

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    I am planning a family trip to Vancouver in late August. I would like to take my son (he will be 14) on a half-day of fly fishing while there. Since my wife will be with us, no full day! Is it worth the time to fish somewhere close to the city? I know the Pitt River is fairly close. Since my son is a beginner and has only been fly fishing a few times, I don't think Steelhead or big salmon would be the way to go. Some nice easy trout fishing with a knowledgeable guide who will instruct would be perfect. Any recommendations? Is the fishing o.k. that time of year? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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